Hackoustilab : an acoustic “micromuseum” born at the heart of the Artilect’s architecture lab,

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Hackoustilab is a “micromuseum” for acoustic and aural experience. (First presentation for the 2017 Fablab Festival.) It is a project born of the encounter between art, science, technology, industry, crafts, making, corporate hacking, open innovation…

The challenge was to build a hybrid experimental work centered on acoustics using open  innovation. Twelve partners responded to the challenge, all innovators in their fields and all wishing to broaden their respective horizons through an  interdisciplinary approach, an openness to open innovation methods, and the maker culture.


This experiment is unprecedented, unheard of (literally), and open to being hacked by future explorers (acousticians, artists, researchers, explorers of new sensory spaces..) It is also a media experiment which enables alternate ways of communicating about acoustics, architecture and interdisciplinary creation.

Established at the heart of the Artilect’s architecture lab, Hackoustilab also aims to test out innovative work methods like co-thinking, co-making, horizontal and participatory project organization from conception to prototyping to realization.

For the partners this project has united, the idea is to create a space for acoustics and architecture of their own. Although these two fields have plenty of utilitarian and practical applications, they are rarely put on display for their inherent artistic qualities.

That’s why the partners gradually decided to create a space for exploration that would be ready to hack, an open “micromuseum” to present various experiences. This space is also an opportunity for new people to discover the structure and hack it themself in the future !”

This is an opportunity for the general public to discover a multisensory, immersive experience composed of acoustic phenomena that have not yet been explored for their intrinsic artistic traits.

Come to the festival to experience it for yourself!

The 12 partners building the project together :

Ecozimut  – TechnalGamba acoustiqueArtLb SolutionTexaaMapeiGAKardhamErgonovaRegentInterfaceEmacoustic

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