Lead Technologist Airbus


Lead Technologist Airbus


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Vincent Loubiere, Airbus

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from ESTP and a Master’s degree from Cranfield University in Aerospace Vehicle Design, Vincent acts as Lead technologist within the CTO organization, entertaining constantly evolving thoughts that fuel a persistent action to shape the new contours of a modern company.

After several years on the design and integration of the A350 wing structural components in Filton, Vincent joined the Emerging Technologies and Concepts team in 2010.

This team of Technologists and hands-on Prototypists with a strong business sense hunts for advanced technologies outside of Airbus, partners with external entities and pictures new concepts with the objective to make them fly as fast as possible.

Since the start of the activity Vincent has driven the development of a number of technologies with world partners such as MIT, Google, Darkside Scientific. He demonstrated the value of Agile methodologies applied to Aerospace matters, now deployed as the “Sprint” process in Airbus, and created within the company the “ideal place for Agile developments”: ProtoSpace.

ProtoSpace is a set of facilities networked across Airbus sites, now deployed worldwide and recognized as one of the 4 pillars of Airbus Innovation apparatus along with A3, Venture and Bizlab. ProtoSpace acts as a platform for encounter and collaboration, assimilation and rapid development, inspired by the Fablab movement, the Start-up model and the spirit of those hidden Pioneers who forged the modern world.


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